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902 Hardy Street
Houston, TX, 77020
United States


Colorful Art and Art Prints from Artist Lindsay Burck in Houston, Texas. Phone and Laptop Cases, Home Decorations, Pillows, Shower Curtains, Rugs featuring the artwork are available.

Artist Biography

This video, filmed in mid-2018, talks a little bit about how art feeds the soul.

Artist's Biography

Houston Artist Lindsay Burck

Lindsay Burck is a visual artist who plays with light and color in unprecedented ways. She is driven by the desire to express what it was like to visit a seemingly other-dimensional place after a traumatic brain injury and major surgery following a serious bicycle accident in 2015.

Burck struggled with returning to normalcy after this incident, and painting is one of the major pieces of recovery that allowed for bringing healing back into life. She knew she wanted to be an artist while sitting in a session with a recovery coach, a few weeks from being released from the hospital. This coach carefully crafted questions that allowed Burck to see fears up-close, and she remembers the exact moment when the coach asked, “are you willing to be an artist?” Although there was fear at the time, the answer was eventually a resounding, “Yes—I am an artist!”

Burck works to help visitors to her studio feel calm and energetic at the same time, to feel joy, and to feel peacefulness. The artwork includes a careful balance between darks, lights, warms, cools, and a brightness like no other.

The path to becoming a full-time artist was unforeseen, and riddled with bumps. Burck is determined to achieve success because the people of the world are able to fall in love with theirspaces more deeply when these pieces adorn the walls.

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