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902 Hardy Street
Houston, TX, 77020
United States


Colorful Art and Art Prints from Artist Lindsay Burck in Houston, Texas. Phone and Laptop Cases, Home Decorations, Pillows, Shower Curtains, Rugs featuring the artwork are available.


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Mural Completed by Artists in Austin, Texas

Lindsay Burck

Mural Artists Complete Austin Artwork on Fifth Street and Congress - Downtown

Here is a story of two artists and a completed mural:

Two artists met at HUE Mural Festival in Houston, in 2016. One artist lives in Houston, and the other lives in Mexico City. Both share an intense love for colors and light.

In their conversations over time, one artist, who is younger, said, "I am a Capricorn, and the way to my heart is to give me jobs to do." The other artist, who has many years of experience and is like a master artist, said, "I am a Scorpio, and the way to my heart is to help me with my art."

So, when the time came, and the artist from Mexico City planned to go to Texas again, he asked for help from her.

Upon arriving in Austin, the city of this painting project, they remembered how little of each other‘s languages they actually spoke. With haste, they began the work on helping each other learn English and Spanish, and the work of completing this mural project together. The inspiration for the piece started from a quote that is translated loosely as, "he who dwells within himself, and lives in his own light, attains peace."

Six days passed quickly, all completely full from sun up until way after sundown. The master artist sketched, planned, painted, made changes, talked to the press, painted, gave direction, and then climbed up and down ladders to paint some more. The young artist learned more painting techniques, gained experience in color-matching with speed, used her photography and photoshop skills to make digital sketches, learned how to paint with old, messed-up paintbrushes, and quickly found a way to direct a team of volunteers—comprised mostly of people who had never painted before.

By the end of the fifth day, the language lessons that the two artists gave each other every day started to really pay off. There were whole conversations, moments of complete understanding between them. Even onlookers commented on how the connection between them was so strong, that they could easily be brother and sister.

This whole experience was deeply moving for me, the young artist, to have the opportunity to paint with one of my favorite artists in the world.

Below is a photo of the finished piece! The title is "Soledad." There was not enough room to capture the full piece in one photo.

Footnote: The younger artist often refers to her paintings as “babies," especially when collaborating with other artists. This is because the painters can disagree as much as they want, but every decision is made "for the greatest benefit of the baby." In this case, the mural actually does have a baby for part of the subject.

Additional work by the artist can be found by searching online for "Cix Mugre art."


Mural in Austin Texas at Mexic-Arte Museum, 5th Street
Cix Mugre Muralist in Process - Painting a Mural Downtown Austin
Mural in Progress in Texas - Art on Fifth Street and Congress - Downtown