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Colorful Art and Art Prints from Artist Lindsay Burck in Houston, Texas. Phone and Laptop Cases, Home Decorations, Pillows, Shower Curtains, Rugs featuring the artwork are available.


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Limiting Beliefs — What Are You Saying That You Can't Do?

Lindsay Burck

This is a story about limiting beliefs, inside of this very fortunate life that I've lived so far.

In your life, what are you saying that you can't do??


For many, many years of my life—29 and a half years to be exact—I had a story that I told myself over and over.

The story went something like, "I CAN'T DRAW!"

It got repeated over and over in my head, year after year. It got repeated when I tried to draw animals as a kid, and saw no possibility for them to look how I wanted them to look. It was repeated when I drew a self portrait in fifth grade, and had thoughts about being proud of my work—and then didn't see much encouragement or praise from other people.

It was repeated when my sister Stephanie took art class, and I wanted to be able to draw like her, but had given up years before that. It was repeated in high school art class where the teacher (God bless Mr. Sandoval) showed me how to alter the most SIMPLE of lines to make a figure look ever-so-slightly more believable—and still, the story persisted, "I can not draw."

Even in a painting class around age 21, the teacher said, "Burck, you're a visionary." It was impossible to see, as the paintings that I was doing at the time were sloppy, kinda abstract, and took incredible amounts of effort. I could see almost no reward for that effort. "I can not draw" persisted.

Who knows what changed. It definitely wasn't overnight. Maybe it was when a mentor showed me what can happen when possibilities are created.

Most of the time, the story called "I can't draw" is still very, very real. Other times, I look around and see evidence that this story isn't real. After typing all this out, it's getting kind of funny.

Student Adds to Drawing in Art Class
Chalk Pastel Drawing of Dany and Jon Snow
Pastel Street Chalk Drawing of Baby Cheetah
Glamorous Or Not Blogger Stephanie Burck Next to Mural in Houston, Texas
Black and White Pencil Drawing of Eye